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Our Insider Tips to Keeping Your Home Warm this Winter

When the Wisconsin winds begin to howl and snow blankets the streets, nothing compares to the warm embrace of a cozy home. While many homeowners grapple with heat retention during the chilly months, those residing in new-construction homes often have the upper hand. Here’s why.

The Bear Homes, LLC Advantage

At Bear Homes, our commitment isn’t just to build houses; it’s to curate comfortable homes that weather every season with ease. Our top-of-the-line heating systems, paired with expertly designed insulation techniques, ensure that every corner of your home is a snug haven. Whether you’re looking to settle down on your plot in SE Wisconsin or exploring our ready lots in newly developed subdivisions, warmth and comfort are a given.

Strategies to Retain Warmth

  • Seal Windows and Doors: Even minor drafts can significantly impact indoor temperatures. Seal potential gaps with weatherstripping or plastic film insulation. It’s a minor investment with a major return in warmth.
  • Upgrade to Thermal Curtains: Swap those light, breezy summer curtains for heavier thermal ones. Acting as an insulating barrier, these curtains keep the cold out and the warmth in.
  • Regularly Service and Maintain the Heating System: An efficient heating system isn’t just about powerful machinery but also about regular maintenance. Ensure your system is routinely serviced, keeping it at peak performance.
  • Maximize the Use of Natural Light: Wisconsin winters may be cold, but they’re often sunny. Draw those curtains back during the day to let in the sun’s natural warmth. It’s also a testament to the significance of good window positioning in new constructions.
  • Opt for Rugs and Carpets: Not only do they elevate the aesthetic appeal, but rugs also serve as insulators, making those cold floor tiles a tad bit warmer.

Cold Weather Preparations

  • Outdoor Preparations: Regularly clear pathways and driveways to prevent hazardous ice build-up and if you haven’t, insulate outdoor pipes to ward off freezing.
  • Emergency Kit: Wisconsin winters can be unpredictable. Always have a cold-weather emergency kit stocked with essentials like flashlights, blankets, and some non-perishable snacks.
  • Backup Heating Options: While central heating is vital, having portable space heaters can be a lifesaver during particularly cold spells. Remember, safety first!
  • Regularly Check for Ice Dams on the Roof: Ice dams can be destructive. Regular checks and timely interventions can prevent potential bodily, structural, and vehicular damage.

A Deeper Look: How Bear Homes Prioritizes Warmth in Construction

Our design principles are entrenched in decades of experience and feedback from families like yours. We don’t just focus on aesthetic appeal; we prioritize functionality and comfort. From strategic window placements to optimized room layouts, every home built by Bear is winter-ready.

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Testimonial Spotlight

Cathleen M. reflects on her journey with us, stating, “Taking on the building of a house is a huge endeavor… Bear has laid out the plan in such a way that you know exactly what’s coming and when. They are organized, friendly, and I would build again in a heartbeat if Bear could do it again.”
Frank & Judith I., echoing the sentiment, shared, “As we approached retirement, we wanted to find a home close to our daughter’s family in Wisconsin… We are pleased to say that our new home is extremely well-built, beautiful, and situated in a lovely neighborhood.”

Staying warm during winter is a blend of personal effort and structural advantages. With some preemptive steps and the inherent warmth of a Bear Homes property, you’re all set to enjoy the snowy splendor of Wisconsin from the comfort of your living room.

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