Bear homes was contracted to build a home for my wife and I. At the time, we lived in Columbus, Ohio, and the project was located in Racine, Wi. We made several trips to meet with the project lead in Racine as well as working remotely to work through our design needs. They were very helpful with the modifications we requested on the home plan. As the home was being built, they sent us pictures during the construction since we were not living locally to keep us in the know about the construction. Overall, our experience with Bear Homes gives us confidence to recommend them to anyone who is in the home market. We trust their efforts, and our home came together as we expected. We moved in to our new home in May of 2016, and they also have done an excellent job after the sale as well. We have been in our home for almost a year, and have had minor questions which they have gone out of their way to help us with. Bear Homes will assure that you receive quality workmanship at a good price. As a result, our experience overall (both before sale and after) allows us to recommend them for any of your home building needs. They can be trusted to do what they say, and will back up their work to your satisfaction.

Larry Mills

A Happy BEAR Homes Client

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